Monday, August 17, 2009

Sorority Goober

It's recruitment season, and I'm such a goober around this time of year. I was never the "typical" sorority girl, whatever that may be, but when I went through "rush" as it was called then, I fell in love with the whole idea of a sorority. I was certainly not the most astute rushee - I think back to how I acted/what I wore, and omg it was horrible - but I found a home the very first day and consider myself lucky to have landed where I did. The picture above is the day that I pledged, and I'm somewhere on the back row because I'm "tall." We were a struggling chapter, certainly, but didn't struggle like some of the others did. I became an officer right after getting initiated, and ended up being President of the chapter during my junior/senior year. Here's a picture of what's left of my pledge class of 50 something by the time we were seniors. I'm in the middle sporting a really bad perm. Hey, it was the early 90s. Big hair was still in.

When I say I loved it, I mean it - the whole idea of ritual, lots of sisters, hanging out at the house - I was all over it. I lived in the house for three years - some of my best friends to this day I met in the sorority. The only thing I didn't like was when alcohol or men were involved, which is kind of funny in the whole scheme of things - one of the reasons to join a sorority has to do with socials, formals, etc.

So, when I graduated, I took a year off and then became an advisor for the chapter at Georgia Tech. I did that for four years and then applied to be a Province Director. Silly me thought it was hard to get such a position - nope, not hard at all. I did that for 9 years and got thoroughly burned out in the role - it is hard to have 6 chapters report to you and be the disciplinarian role for the organization. My "break" from that role was to become a member of the Ritual Committee - a role I imagine I'll have again during the "twilight" of my sorority "career." Two years ago I was tapped to be in charge of education for the entire organization, so basically I work on curriculum, convention programming, leadership conference programming - anything that has to do with education. I've been an active alumna for 17 years, which blows me away. Not what I imagined when I pledged 22 years ago. I wonder what is next for me, because I've moved pretty high up the volunteer chain - but at the same time, I don't do any of this because of me. It's because I value the organization so much and know that I can make a difference with my contribution. And just for fun, here's me at the last sorority convention - the big event that re-energizes me for the organization every other year. I'm wearing red, just to the right of the top of the bottom escalator.

But all of this is an aside. I'm such a goober because today is Bid Day at UGA. Yesterday was Bid Day at Alabama. The day before was Bid Day at Auburn. And I have been checking facebook and Greek Chat like mad trying to find out results. I know we did well at all 3, but I want to know where former students of mine have ended up. Don't really care where they end up, just that they've stuck through and perhaps can find a home like I did. I have literally hit refresh every few minutes looking for news - like I have nothing better to do. It's sick, I tell you. Completely sick. I'm such a goober.

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