Thursday, August 20, 2009

Delay, Delay, Delay

I can't seem to get anything done this week. A good friend of mine who puts a bit of stock in Vedic astrology would tell me that Saturn must be in my house right now. Anytime she says something like that, I admit to looking at her a little funny, but now whenever it seems like things are interminably delayed, I think to myself, "Wonder if it's Saturn?"

Both kids have taken turns being sick this week. This week is the one that I had been counting on to get things done before I start teaching next week. DD2 is running a fever tonight, so not only did she miss school today, she'll miss it tomorrow, too. This weekend is also one they are supposed to go to their dad. I think that may be up in the air for her.

Regardless - looks like I'll be working through the weekend since I lost several days this week and tomorrow isn't looking promising at the moment. Taking my Vitamin C. Agenda prior to Monday includes finishing evaluations from spring (I had forgotten about them), finishing syllabi, finishing tenure and promotion. Unless of course, Saturn decides to come tumbling out of orbit and lands smack dab on my front lawn.

Kidding. Really. I think.

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