Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day!

What a strange, but glorious day!

I knew before I went to bed last night that the girls' schools were closed, so I turned off DD1's alarm prior to going to bed. I pretty much figured I would still have to work today, and turns out I was right. I had hopes of sleeping until 7:15 or so prior to my 8:30 class.

6:25 this morning, she comes into my room to ask why her alarm is off.


As I was finishing getting ready for work around 7:42, DD2 comes into my room and asks why we aren't leaving for school, because "it's time." Never mind that she's not dressed.

So, I taught this morning while the kids stayed home and watched tv/played on the computer - great teaching day, btw - and then went to Kroger with the rest of the crazies around noon. My main reason for going was to buy a whole chicken - the one thing I neglected to buy with my earlier grocery shopping this week. Of course, I also bought popcorn, chocolate chips, eggs, and the obligatory milk. Necessities during a snow storm, no?

Once I got home, I channeled my inner domestic goddess and started boiling a chicken for soup and baking bread for tonight's dinner. Meanwhile, the girls were full of anticipation. They kept waiting on snow to start... which it finally did, around 4:00. AFTER they would have been home for the day from school. Whatever.

The snow started, the girls went outside and STAYED outside for a good three hours. OH, what fun! I went out a number of times, mainly to take pictures, but didn't stay out - they had stolen my gloves and my cold weather shoes so I didn't have the proper gear, but this is a legitimately good snowfall, particularly for middle Georgia.

They came in around 7, after extensive snowball fights, snow people creation, and all around good fun. I love how they think - they used peppermint patties, suckers, and twizzlers for buttons, eyes, nose, and mouths of the snow people.

Shortly after the kids came in, both the soup and bread were ready. How's that for timing? The kids were ravenous, and they devoured both and talked about how fantastic both were. Yes, they pushed the right buttons - and my favorite sense of pure bliss that emerges from time to time just engulfed me.

The Olympics are on, and the girls and I have curled up - them with the cat, me with a large glass of wine, and other than my trip outside to wipe the snow off the satellite receiver when we lost reception a few moments ago, we are settled, happy, and content. I'm looking forward to a weekend of snow, Olympics, movies, and all around savoring my children.

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