Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Since I was in college, I've practiced giving up something at Lent - it's not something required by any religious denomination I've ever been a part of... it's just something I've chosen to do. The girls and I talk about it, too, and it always intrigues me what they give up.

DD1 has decided to give up lip gloss? Wow, has she become a tweenager. Last year she gave up chocolate.

DD2 can't decide yet, but I THINK she's going to give up leaving her room messy. She cracks me up.

As for me, it's been a hard call. Last year I gave up soft drinks and chocolate, but gave myself an out if I had a migraine. Sure enough, with 3 days to go I had a migraine, so I started downing coke trying to kick it.

I believe I've finally settled on sweets, desserts and candy - all of which I eat way too much of. I thought about giving up facebook, but decided against that because it is the main vehicle my students use to communicate with me. It has become a horrible temptation at times, as I have a tendency to follow bread crumbs with people and what they are willing to put out for public consumption, particularly at night when I'm allowing inertia to win rather than go to bed. It has caused me some unnecessary grief, exhaustion, not to mention hours of time in front of the computer that I don't need to be spending. Anyway, instead of giving it up entirely, I'm limiting my time on it as well as news feed prompts and my profile only. Sounds crazy in some ways, but makes perfect sense in my little world.

We'll see how it goes. Tomorrow.

Not tonight. :)

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