Saturday, November 14, 2009


not me, or anyone else I know - I just like this picture

I have been absolutely marveling at the fall colors as I'm driving (and driving, and driving, and driving) my kids around, since one of my many hats is that of taxi driver. I've thought to myself a number of times that the colors are just absolutely astounding this year.

One morning that we were running late I didn't have my regular sunglasses in the car, but did have the sunglasses I use when I am running. All that day I wasn't as astounded by the colors as I have been previously.

Turns out that the reason the colors have been so incredible for me this fall is that my regular sunglasses have a filter that has really brought out the fall colors. I can't decide if I'm disappointed to learn this or not. It has caused a somewhat amusing thing, though, as I will frequently lift my sunglasses while driving to look at the trees, then put them back, lift them again, and then put them back. With some trees, the sunglasses just truly enhance what I see. With others, they are just stunning whether or not the glasses are there.

I let DD1 wear them this morning as I took her to an outdoor workday at her school. She didn't want to give them back.

I'm sure there is some great piece of wisdom buried in this anecdote. Something about how lenses that we apply can enhance our understanding of the world, or can cause us to not see things that are literally right in front of our face... Or something about looking at the world through rose colored glasses... Or maybe a Plato and the cave analogy...

Eh, that's too much thinking for a Saturday morning. I'm off to enjoy the day and the beautiful colors, thanks to my sunglasses.

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