Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Picture Day

Oh yes, the glorious rite of passage that is school picture day was upon us today for DD2. She was so excited that she didn't have to wear her school uniform today for pictures [another rant I could have - I think the uniforms are silly and pointless], and planned out to the nth degree exactly how she wanted to look. Last night she asked to sleep in curlers. I said, "Um, no... but if you want me to roll your hair in the morning with hot rollers, I will." She liked that idea, and made me promise to wake her up early enough to make that happen.

So a whopping half hour earlier than I normally get up, I am plugging in the hot rollers that I used nearly every day circa 1985 - 1991, the curling iron, and the flat iron. I am truly trying to remember why I even still have hot rollers. Seriously - what would make me think those were good to keep?

DD2 comes into my bathroom dressed and ready for hair to be done at 6:30. She wants the front rolled in tight ringlets, and the rest just curled under. I think to myself, "God, this will be so tacky," but didn't discourage her. 10 minutes later, mission accomplished. She looks in the mirror and is clearly unhappy with the result. So then, I offered to braid her hair - 2 little braids on the side. "Yes, Mom, that would be great!" A few minutes later - she's still unhappy with the result. We tried something else with the braids. Nope. Nothing doing. She took out the braids, which were where the curls from the hot rollers used to be. All the curl is gone. She finally settles on me using the regular curling iron [which is what I would have suggested in the first place] on her hair, and then I sprayed it. She really hated that part.

By the time we left, the curls had fallen out somewhat, but she still looks cute. I pull into the car rider loop, she trots into school, and then I drop off DD1, make my way to work, only to have the phone ring within the first 10 minutes I'm in the office. My office phone never, ever rings. Low and behold, it's the school. My heart drops, and I'm worried that DD2 is suddenly sick. Why are they calling? Because they can't find her picture money. She can't have the pictures she wants without the picture money. Sigh.

I agreed to go back to the school and pay it again, but it would have to be after 11 when I was done teaching as my class was due to start in less than 15 minutes. I wrote myself a note to remember to do that, placed it on my chair so I would see it, and the phone rang yet again. Low and behold the money had been found. Where? Her bookbag.

I love picture day. And my 9 year old. But God help us if this is going to be repeated the next few years.

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