Monday, September 21, 2009

I Feel Like It's Rainin' All Over The World...

Last year the governor of this great state announced that the way to solve our drought problem was to pray for rain. Well, evidently the prayers were heard. Folks - you can stop praying for rain now.

I'm posting this picture from the AJC only because I am amazed by this weather. I have never seen anything like this in Atlanta, although Tropical Storm Alberto in 1994 was pretty close - at that point a Tropical Storm just hovered over the state of Georgia for about 10 days and caused "100 year floods," although those were predominantly south of the city. This time, it has just been a low pressure system that has sat here, and it has literally been raining every day for a week, and is expected to keep raining until the weekend. What is most noteworthy, though, is that over 13 inches of rain have fallen in a 36 hour period in the Atlanta area, and that is after it has been raining for a week. And while I'm not in the Atlanta area, the rain has been unbelievable. And clearly [well, not clearly - it's very, very cloudy out] - more is still to come. This rain has gotten obnoxious. Claustrophobic even.

I drove the stretch of interstate pictured above, though, when I was in Atlanta Saturday night. It was raining then, too, but I was gleefully sitting in the sogginess at the Indigo Girls concert. Oh, it was fabulous! I consider Indigo Girls concerts to be a religious experience. It was my 6th IG concert in 4 years, and the rain just so didn't matter to me. And while the crowd I went with wasn't the originally intended crowd, that just so didn't matter, either. I loved every minute of it.

During the concert I was able to find an old friend I haven't seen in probably 20 years and talk with her awhile. She is the sister of a guy I used to date, and for that matter, a guy I still consider a good friend. She texted him to get my number since she knew I'd be there [thanks to the magic of facebook], and then she sent me a text telling me where she was sitting. We talked some about him, mainly because I wanted to see if my read on how he is doing is accurate, but mostly we did a quick catching up. Still, sitting talking with her was like talking to someone I talk to all the time, and I guess that is partly because of facebook, too - we already had a baseline. I have to say, though, that it was neat to be with her for a few minutes because I could tell she loves the music as much as I do. We agreed to go to a concert together in the future, and I already know - that will be delightful.

ETA: I heard on the radio today that the rainfall total was actually 20 inches in a 36 hours period. MUCH worse than Alberto. The flooding has been unbelievable. 9/22/09

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