Sunday, July 3, 2011

Finding Joy

This morning I sat at breakfast for a bit longer than normal because I got engrossed watching a conversation unfold between the camp director, Bob Gene (who is in his 80s), Allen (his son, and friend I've mentioned previously), and two other staff members. The conversation was about the fireworks that camp is shooting tomorrow night over Lower Lake for the 4th of July.

These fireworks are a big deal. For one, lots of special permits to make this happen. We've been told at some point how much money is spent on fireworks, and it's substantial. The volunteer fire department is present for the show. Camp gets to stay up late to see them. People have been calling to ask if we're doing them again this year, and what time they'll start [Dark, people - dark...]. Allen always thanks the "dam people" for coming out to watch [they get chairs and sit on the dam which separates Upper and Lower Lakes]. Corny joke, but it works. It's certainly etched into the minds of my brothers and me.

Anyway, at breakfast, Bob Gene had a fuse [or something else electrical related to the fireworks] in his hands and was talking through what he wanted to happen today, and lamenting the change in the supply at Radio Shack, as well as commenting on the fact that the game room repair area at camp is better stocked than Radio Shack, etc.

While I had no clue what they were talking about, of how it all worked, I sat there enraptured. What delighted me about the conversation was recognizing how excited Bob Gene is about the fireworks, and watching the men around him talk through what he wanted to do, and knowing that everything that was going into the fireworks brings Bob Gene [and so many others] tremendous joy. The animation he expressed reminded me of a young child near Christmas.

I truly just wanted to sit there and absorb the energy. Whether they know it or not, they are all a part of Joy embodied.

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