Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I've Become One of THOSE Neighbors

Just call me Mrs. Kravitz.

Ok, so maybe I haven't become one of those neighbors, but the neighbors' dog is driving me stark raving mad.

It's a beautiful brown puppy. Full of energy. Clearly bored. Wants to play. Doesn't get enough attention. Looks a bit like this:

But it has decided it likes my house.

It likes my house A LOT.

So much so that it:
  • stole the roller blades [have you ever felt how heavy roller blades are?] out of my garage and took them across the street.
  • barged into my house when we were coming in, run into DD2's bedroom and grabbed a bunny slipper [prey, you know] and took off with it.
  • Knocked DD2 down while she is trying to roller blade or ride the scooter.
  • Destroyed DD1's school project that she's been working on for several weeks.
I could go on. What have I done?
  • Walked over to the neighbor's house with the dog, rang the doorbell, introduced myself to the man who lives there [Ok, that's sad], and said "I hate to meet you like this, but you really need to do something about the dog. He's causing a number of problems at my house."
  • The next day the dog was back at my house - I walked back over there, rang the doorbell and got no answer, so I left a note on their car asking them to PLEASE do something about the dog, that he is terrorizing my house, destroyed the project, etc.
  • I've now parked my car in the driveway so the dog won't go into my garage, where the project is being worked on. I can't even use my own garage!?!?!?!?!
  • Sent the girls over with the dog, asked them to ring the doorbell, and deliver the dog home.
  • I've gone back over there and talked to the woman who lives there and asked "What is the plan for the dog? This is becoming a huge problem."
  • Within less than a half hour, I yelled at the boy playing basketball in their driveway to please come get the dog, who was back at my house AGAIN.
I'm really a nice person. I'm a good neighbor. But seriously... at what point do you call Animal Control? Because they are clearly not controlling that animal. The dog has been back at my house again this morning. I understand that some things might take time, but I have a child who is crying because she can't go outside, my car parked outside in the driveway, and high blood pressure - over a neighbor's DOG!

Where's Abner when you need him?

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  1. Wow that's awful, my parents live out in the country so we have some roaming pups we send home, but nothing this crazy.
    Good luck with your dog wrangling!