Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Running Halves and Wholes

Ok... so I'm sitting in my living room with an open portfolio on my lap, which I'm grading... and reading it causes me some frustration, so I get on facebook to talk with a colleague about how to handle what I'm seeing. I open chat... yep... there she is... and a few moments later my friend who I met at the first 10K I completed pops in and asks me about how my running has been since the Peachtree Road Race almost two weeks ago. He runs marathons, and since the first 10K he has been trying to get me to do a marathon. I have JUST, and I mean, JUST talked myself into a half marathon [maybe 2! egad!] in November, and the marathon he is suggesting is February 21, 2010, in Jacksonville, Florida. Soooo...... rather than grade the portfolio in my lap, I've been looking at the marathon course, training programs.... oh, for the past 2 hours.

No, not avoiding the notebook at all. Really. Just running away from it.

Notebooks are to be returned to students in 13 hours. 3 more to go.

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